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Michael Barbieri, PhD

Michael Barbieri, PhD, is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in law enforcement. He specializes in investigations. Moreover he has worked as a contract operative for various government agencies in different countries for over twenty years. He has successfully solved six cold-case murders.

For the last 32 years, he has worked as a senior consultant for Global Intelligence Consultants, based in Missouri. He has handled cases involving international and national investigations. Some of his investigations include the cases of students who were imprisoned in foreign countries, kidnappings for ransom, and corporate executive extractions.

Michael Barbieri PhD has accomplishments that were acknowledged by the US State Department and former President George Bush. A letter of recommendation from the US Department of State also praised his work. He is regarded as one of the best private investigators in the world by the IAAGP. He has also received additional training from various government agencies, such as the FBI, US attorneys’ offices, and the US military.

Michael Barbieri PhD has extensive experience and knowledge in various fields that have earned him recognition for his work in asset tracing, criminal investigations, background checks, counterterrorism, firearms, law enforcement, and forensic analysis. He has also handled undercover work, expert witnesses, and skip-tracing cases.

He is also highly skilled in various areas, such as surveillance, computer forensics, and intelligence and counterintelligence. He can provide specialized training in corporate security, asset protection, personal security, and risk assessment.

Michael Barbieri PhD is also a certified executive protection expert, granted by the US Secret Service in 2010. He had previously gone through the agency’s training program. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in psychology and urban affairs from St. Louis University and his Ph.D. from Pacific Western University.

Although he has traveled both near and far for these sensitive cases, he also enjoys taking leisure trips whenever possible. His international work has led to him becoming a well-cultured individual quite comfortable with traveling to lesser populated areas. Learn more about this passion by visiting his website and staying updated with his blog posts!